IMVU Gameplay Tips to Gain Popularity

imvu gameplay tips

Many gamers are stuck on getting proper gameplay tips about IMVU. The Avatar based social network has grown immense popularity, but still, the Internet lacks a relevant article about it.

Through our fascination, we can provide you with some handy suggestion for the game so that you do not struggle and leave using this excellent app.

Avatar Name

Your title for the virtual world is the key to natural popularity. The very first stuff you need to do is choose your username and Avatar when you conclude the registration procedure and all sort of formality to access the website. The nickname must be very appealing and concise to affect other users. Remember that IMVU charges credit to oose an alternate name afterwards.

Consider yourself DOC motivated.

The profile image of IMVU can easily identify you as a new user. You must, therefore, change the wardrobe at the earliest opportunity. We propose to be primarily motivated by the everyday challenges. You may draw inspiration from these models, for excellent AVI’s than the casual look. Attach these styles to your shopping list so that you can identify them later on.

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Create your friend circle

IMVU has everything to do with fun. Making friends is like socializing with others. You must also be conscious about your popularity so that these friends will send you presents that can allow your character to customize. But it isn’t always the exact way you want. Many upsetting people can reach you, and you must block them. Make sure you make genuine friends, so they don’t annoy you and destroy the fun.

Developers Programme

IMVU allows you to be part of the developer’s programme. Show your talent to the world and the developers and be a part of IMVU. You can enter the creator’s group if you have creative skill in designing jewellery and others for IMVU. You will need to be VIP members. Create clothing and other items, and in exchange, receive credit.

Use an independent email account

You get hundreds of emails which are not always helpful or spam.¬† These emails are sent when you are using the app. So it is not advised that you use your primary email address and link it to IMVU. We recommend that you build a separate email account so that you don’t miss your primary emails in the IMVU marketing storm.

Carefully invest Credits

We’re not telling you to be cheap, but excessive use of credit always keeps you out of the credit frequently, and it can result to lack of fun. So always keep a watchful eye on your and enjoy unlimited gameplay. Regulate your impulse to purchase accessories as compared with your appearance. The accessories are¬†purely cosmetic.

Cautionary advice about credit reseller:

You should know about this imvu free credits hack stuff if you are an old player and came back after a long break from the game. IMVU prevents the movement in credits through reselling codes. Still, there are some cheaters claiming to resell IMVU credits. These are a simple trap, and we advise to stay away from anyone who prompts you to resell credits for IMVU.