This time I’d like to introduce you to a very special online game. Madden NFL is a computer game that’s also classified as an American Football manager game. It’s outstanding because it’s the first one of its kind and it’s also one of the best ever sports related games in the market as of now. The game is selling over a hundred million and this number is still growing. The game is also very popular because it’s totally lifelike, it has a much elaborated structuring and it literally can be played for years. It’s like being at a virtual game.  And the game is much more than that. Let me represent you with the key features of the game, including some of its history, creation and its many versions.

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The game was formerly known as John Madden football, named after one of the best ever American football players John Madden, who himself has won a Super Bowl and has been working as a sports commentator today. As for its creation, it was founded by Trip Hawkins and the first idea of the game came up as early as in 1984. The plan has started off  with the idea of creating an absolutely realistic sports and sports manager game, with the strong cooperation of Madden himself, who gave his full expertise for it , from creation of the teams to coaching and management factors as well. As a matter of fact, the world famous footballer is still providing his expertise for the game series. Since its initial release in 1988 there has been over 20 different versions of Madden NFL with the latest versions including the game’s special release as a mobile app, both for iPhone and Android devices. Today, you can even join in the game via Facebook, which is another reason, why this game is so popular all over the world. Of course the professional players can acquire the game for PS4 and for the Xbox series too.

In 2013 the game was sold the Orlando, Florida based EA Tiburon. In order to make sure that the game is always up to scratch and works the best quality as possible, there is a team of 30 developers who are constantly working on monitoring, checking and devising updates to the current versions.

The game itself:

You will have a team to take care of, to manage with the use of money and other resources which can be normally won when the team achieves something or when they win a game, just like in real life. There are sponsorship’s you can lobby for and can also collect money to acquire players. The main money to use in the game is called Madden Dollars. There are several websites dedicated to or made by the large fan base which are discussing Madden mobile cheats, especially geared towards finding the ways to earn some more money because as in real life, it’s being spent way too easily also within the game.

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